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Weave Extensions

Weave extensions are a specialty at Lushalox and our signature revolutionary application method known as the X Lox System has proven to not only offer the most secure application method, but is safe, long lasting and versatile with three months of care free wear without slippage. The recommended time between refitting and maintenance is three months. This popular chemical free method is gentle enough to use on all types of hair, as the hair is securely attached using a flat X Lox Track to which the hair is evenly distributed and integrated with the natural hair. The results are secure, comfortable, seamless and undetectable, even in shorter hair. Many clients have enjoyed growing out their own hair whilst using this method.

Weave extensions are a safer option for clients that wish to increase volume, length and add voluminous body to the hair. Our signature constructed weaves remain structurally sound and solid for the entire lifespan and duration of the wear, which helps to also prolong the life of the hair by reducing the incidence of hair shedding and preventing the natural breaking down process of the weave. We combine the finest, premium virgin organic 100% human remy hair, with high quality components, workmanship and warrant all construction. When expertly made and applied by us, X Lox Weaves are securely fitted and sit nice and flat against the scalp. This method offers the most naturally added body, as it mimics the natural hair without causing undue stress on any area of the scalp or hair. Our clients have the added benefit of choosing their own hair as Lushalox stocks a large range of premium hair, available in most lengths and colours at our Surfers Paradise salon on the Gold Coast. Weave extensions offer luscious length, extra volume, natural looking body and thickness to most hair types. They are determined by the natural hair, while the colour, thickness and length are customised to meet your requirements and suit your lifestyle.

Weave extensions are particularly useful for slower growing hair as they help to stimulate hair growth by increasing the circulation around the hair follicle. This in turn feeds the hair follicle aiding in the follicle to become more active. We have many happy clients that have been successfully growing out their own hair in the healthiest and most enjoyable way. Weave extensions are so versatile that you can wear your hair in most hair styles as they sit snugly snug against the scalp and are difficult to spot, even when grown out somewhat. Our X Lox Weaves are a low maintenance method which offer 3 months of wear before they need to be refitted, and are guaranteed to provide no slipping or lifting. Weave extensions are a non-damaging method which makes them favourable for long term use in most hair types, with the application process taking a little longer than the weft applications as it’s more technical – but totally worth it! The removal process is relatively fast however as it’s a chemical free, dry application with no sticky residue or tapes to remove. The hair can also be re-used many times over with the average lifespan being 12 months. As with all our hair extensions, the hair is of the highest quality and our weft extensions can be expertly coloured and lightened by a on of our experienced technicians.


To learn more about Lushalox hair extensions, book an appointment at our Gold Coast salon for a free one on one consultation with one of our trained hair extension technicians, who will work with you to determine the best hair extension method for you.

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