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Tape Extensions

Lushalox offers premium, quality tape hair extensions to our clients who are wanting a seamless, comfortable and completely natural look that’s undetectable. We use the most gentle method of tape hair extensions, which are combined with perfect colour matching, expert application and blending.

There is also no need to wait to order in hair, as we stock the most comprehensive range of tape hair extensions on the Gold Coast. Tape hair extensions are suitable to use on all hair types and can be used for a whole range of applications, including:

  • Lengthening
  • Thickening fine hair
  • Adding volume
  • Disguising hair loss
  • Adding colour
  • Adding partial length or thickness
  • Special events, such as weddings
  • Creating solid looks
  • Growing out your own hair

Lushalox our tape extensions can be coloured or lightened by one of our technicians who will work with you to achieve a 100% colour match with your own hair. We recommend salon professional colouring or perming by on of our experienced technicians only.

The Hair

We expertly apply tape extensions using premium European organic tape extension hair. They are made from the finest quality, 100% human remy hair and are combined with quality American made bonding tape. The tape extensions are held in place gently, but securely during the duration of the wear, and can be easily removed during refitting; as we only use non-damaging and organic tape remover. We use premium hair extensions that are created from ethically-sourced hair and are organically cold-dyed resulting in stronger, healthier and last longer than other brands of tape extensions. You can colour and even lighten the hair extensions down the track to keep up with your changing colour preference. We recommend you use our organic colouring services to colour or lighten your extensions.


Tape hair extensions used at our salon are composed of:

  • Premium European 100% human remy hair which are the best quality and are the longest lasting hair extensions available; thanks to eco- friendly organic cold-dye processing.
  • Maximum amount of premium hair in lightweight discreet handmade tape weft.
  • A small, hand-tied tape bond with a discreet matte surface that makes them completely undetectable.
  • Strong non-damaging American tape.

The fitting process:

  • Colours and chosen length of tape extensions is determined.
  • The natural hair is prepared by washing with an organic deep cleansing shampoo and dried.
  • Tape hair extensions are applied to your hair in a pattern determined by several factors, including your desired look, your current hair length, thickness and layering.
  • Small sections of the hair are taken in the same width of the extension and the extensions are placed on either side of the tape forming a ‘sandwich’. The adhesive tape is the bonding factor which holds the extensions in place.
  • The tape extensions are placed close enough to the scalp to allow a natural blend with the natural hair, and far enough away from the roots to allow the extensions to be moved up and down without causing discomfort or undue pressure on the hair or scalp.

The refitting process

Our refitting process for tape hair extensions involves spraying the extensions with our gentle tape remover. The existing tape is removed and refreshed, and new tape is fitted to the extensions. Your hair is then washed and blow dried and you may opt to have your hair coloured or treated at this time.

Tape extensions are suitable for all types of hair and are especially recommended for those who have thin or fine hair, due to the gentle nature of the hair extensions. While the tape adhesive is gentle and kind to the hair, it’s important to have your tape extensions refitted by our experienced technicians. The tape adhesive is gently dissolved using our organic tape remover which is non-damaging to your own natural hair or the extensions. It’s not recommended that you remove tape hair extensions yourself.

Refitting generally takes around 1.5 hours and should usually occur every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the rate of hair growth.

Maintaining your tape extensions

For the best results, we recommend Lushalox hair extensions and hair care products which have been specifically created to care for your tape extensions. They keep them in optimal condition and help to realise the full lifespan of the extensions.

Please refer to our care and maintenance guide for full care instructions.

Our package for tape hair extensions includes:

  • Deep-cleansing wash and blow wave to prepare your hair.
  • Premium tape hair extensions in the colour blend and length of your choice.
  • Professional application, blending and shaping by one of our qualified technicians.
  • A home maintenance care plan and information sheet from your technician.
  • A one week follow up appointment if required. In some cases, you may wish to test out the length for a few days before deciding.

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