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We offer Olaplex to Gold Coast clients wishing to improve and strengthen fragile, dry and damaged hair. Olaplex is a reconstructive treatment which works to instantly re-connect and repair broken bonds of the hair, greatly improving hair health, elasticity and strength.

Say Goodbye to Hair Breakage!

Olaplex is a revolutionary hair treatment which has taken the professional hairdressing industry by storm, thanks to the unique patented chemistry that repairs damaged hair. When it comes to hair health, we use and recommend adding Olaplex to the mix for all colour and chemical services. This offers premium protection, improved condition and optimal health.


Olaplex 1 Bond Multiplier actively repairs the hair during a chemical service by multiplying bonds within the hair shaft. Gold Coast clients can enjoy higher levels of lightening which can be achieved when adding Olaplex 1 to the mix prior to application. Olaplex bond multiplier works to prevent damage to the hair during the lightening process and helps to help reach new levels of blonde without compromising the strength and condition of the hair.

Olaplex 1 Bond Multiplier is also recommended for use in any permanent colour mixes or chemical services, in order to optimise hair condition and improve the elasticity of the hair during the colour processing phase. Olaplex 1 is also used as part of the Olaplex 2 step stand alone treatment.

Olaplex 2 Bond Perfector is applied directly to the hair immediately after the rinsing phase, following any chemical service. This helps to re-form the bonds of the hair altered during the chemical process. Olaplex is suitable for use in all colour situations; whether it is permanent colour, bleach highlights or global hair lightening. Olaplex also prevents damage and adds incredible strength, shine and condition to the hair.

We recommend the use of Olaplex 3 Hair Perfecter take home treatment. Designed for use in-between salon visits to improve the condition and manageability of the hair. Use Olaplex 3 once a week for continued reparative benefits. As an added benefit using Olaplex 3 regularly will also help your colour last longer. Use Olaplex 3 between salon visits or as directed by one of our hair professionals.

An effective in-salon professional treatment will help strengthen and restore hair with pre-exisiting damage. Hair can be severely compromised and stressed due to many factors like the over use of hot tools, sun exposure and damage caused by chlorinated water. Hair will continue to improve once Olaplex works to re-form and repair the broken bonds of the hair.

A series of stand alone Olaplex professional treatments are recommended to use when preparing the hair for a major chemical service. For more information on Olaplex treatments and other services, contact our friendly team.

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