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Micro Bead Extensions

Lushalox offers high-quality micro bead hair extensions to our clients wishing to add length, thickness, volume or colour to your hair. Depending on the look you want, we can fit anywhere from 25 pieces (for extra volume or splashes of colour) up to 100+ pieces for a full head of long, luxurious and natural-looking hair. Use them to grow out unwanted layers, fill in partial areas, enjoy a thicker ponytail, or just update your current hairstyle.

Micro bead extensions are a budget friendly option for those wanting a long term hair extension. Once the initial purchase has been made the costs are relatively low and maintenance is required approximately every 6-8 weeks. The cost of the maintenance depends on the amount of extensions you have. Micro bead extensions are available in European, Russian and Indian hair and can last anywhere from 6 to 18 months depending on the brand and quality of extensions you choose.


The popularity of micro bead hair extensions is due to a number of factors, including:

  • The smaller size of the beads (and the extensions themselves) means the point of insertion is undetectable. We will colour match the hair (and the beads) to match your hair colour perfectly. Our skilled technicians strategically place the extensions in a pattern that optimises the length and thickness to achieve the most natural looking hair. No one will ever guess you’re wearing extensions!
  • They are ideal for finer hair.
  • Micro bead extensions are reusable for up to one year, making them a great option for those wanting a longer term hair extension.
  • Micro bead extensions can be re-used at any time. You can wear them for up to a year without replacing them, providing the extensions are cared for using the recommended products and are re-fitted at 6-8 week intervals.
  • Micro bead extensions are made from top grade hair and you can choose from European and Russian grade hair extensions for beautiful, natural looking results.
  • They can easily be worn up in a high ponytail or bun, making them perfect for people who enjoy wearing their hair up and those who have active lifestyles.
  • The beads are available in over 10 colours. The correct bead is colour matched to the hair, making them perfectly discreet as the hair grows out naturally.
  • Micro bead extensions are a dry method, there are no chemicals, waxes, tapes or glue bonds used to attach the micro bead extensions.

How Are They Attached?

We use the following process for fitting micro bead hair extensions:

  • The tiny micro bead, which has been specifically designed for the extensions is closely matched to your existing hair colour.
  • Extensions are applied in a pattern designed specifically for the desired outcome.
  • Once a pattern has been established, tracks are formed by taking very precise sections of hair to ensure the weight to hair ratio for a safe and comfortable application.
  • The micro bead is threaded onto the section of your own strands of hair and placed into positions close to the roots but with enough room to move freely, so as not to add undue tension or stress to the hair.
  • The hair is now attached to your own hair without any glues, tapes, silicone, waxes, resins or keratin bonds, making it an excellent method for those wishing to grow their own hair while wearing extensions.
  • This process makes bead in extensions the most successful discreet method for extensions when the hair is worn up. We have specialised in micro bead extensions since 2001, which is a popular method with our clients and remains a firm favourite at Lushalox!
  • By ensuring there is enough movement around the extension, the hair can be moved without any pulling or pressure on the strands or scalp. The amount of hair used in the bead is also calculated to hold the small weight of the hair extension, which ensures no excess or undue stress is placed on your natural hair.


The removal process for our micro bead hair extensions is relatively quick and easy, with no sticky residue to deal with. The beads are simply loosened with a clamp so the extensions can simply slip out.

  • Using brand new micro beads, the hair is washed and blow waved (you may opt to have a colour service of your natural hair at this point). The extensions are then refitted into the hair on a newly created track.
  • When it comes to micro beaded extensions, our experts have formulated our own application techniques and track patterns based on the most comfortable fit, and discreet, seamless look.We use a different track for each refitting in order to rest the hair from the previous track.
  • Alternating the tracks ensures your natural hair will continue to grow without extended pressure on the strands. We have found the hair will grow at an excellent rate while maintaining the health and strength of the hair following the recommended re-fitting time.
  • It is recommended that you have your extensions professionally refitted every 6-8 weeks.


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