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Care & Style Tips: How to maintain your locks between salon visits

Maintaining your hair care routine at home between salon visits, is just as important as frequent salon visits, and finding the right hair Stylist.

If you don’t have a proper haircare program, ask your stylist to recommend one. To to keep your hair healthy and beautiful all year round.

Here are our top hair care tips:

  • Have your hair trimmed at least once every two months to prevent split ends and give your hair extra bounce and volume.
  • Before you blow dry your hair, dry it off without a brush as much as possible, better still, allow it to “air dry” naturally before using a hair dryer.
  • Avoid using the hottest setting on your blow dryer as this can damage the cuticle of the hair.
  • Point the airflow down on the shaft of your hair to prevent frizz.
  • Use a natural-bristle brush which is softer, and adds shine to the hair, boar bristle brushes are our top pick.
  • Finally, Finish of your blow dry with a blast of cold air, this seals the cuticle, and adds incredible shine!
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