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Hair Extensions

Our Approach

Lushalox have been supplying premium hair extensions services to Melbourne clients for more than 20 years and are excited to offer the same expertise and high quality premium hair extensions to our Gold Coast clients. When it comes to the very best in hair quality and premium extension services, our stylists are experts in advanced hair extensions methods.

You’ll find a large selection of the finest European and Russian hair in a large range of colours, lengths and designs – with the added benefit of hand selecting  your own beautiful hair. If you’re looking for more permanent hair extensions, we recommend Natural Hair Extensions. They are virgin cuticle long lasting hair extensions, thanks to minimal processing that doesn’t use any heat or harsh chemicals. They are also organic and free of silicone coatings and artificial enhancements. This means the hair can be lightened, coloured and permanently waved just like your own natural hair. Enjoy the flexibility of colouring and lightening the extensions to suit your changing colour preference down the track without the need to buy new hair.

As a leading hair extensions specialist, we’ll recommend the method and type of hair extensions based on the most compatible hair extension type and method for the individual which are determined by specific details and requirements. A non specialist extension hair salon will offer hair extensions as a side line and will typically offer the standard one brand and one method hair extension which is the ‘one size fits all approach’.

We also offer the latest advanced application methods and techniques to our clients in most of the leading hair extensions brands. During the consultation your technician will assess your hair and scalp, and do a simple health check to rule out any contra-indicators. Your lifestyle and maintenance requirements are key factors we carefully consider before choosing the right hair extension method for you. An important aspect of choosing the correct hair is the experience required to customise the correct hair weight, texture, colour and density of your hair – it’s not unusual for you to be successfully matched to more than one method.

Why risk being fitted with the wrong hair extension when the results can be unsatisfactory to downright disastrous. It’s for this reason that hair extensions are best placed in the hands of experienced hair extension professionals; who have the expertise, knowledge and skill to perfectly match you with the most suitable hair extensions. We offer a guarantee of complete satisfaction, and a flawless natural look that’s seamless and undetectable.


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