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Hair Extensions Care & Maintenance Information


“The Worlds Most Beautiful Natural Hair Extensions” 

To optimise your enjoyment and realise the full lifespan of your natural hair extensions, it’s important that you understand and follow our care & maintenance guide.

We recommend the use of Lushalox hair extensions care range, which has been specifically created to care for your new ‘Natural Hair Extensions’.


  • We recommend you return to the salon for a checkup two weeks after your hair extensions application service
  • Contact us if you experience any pain, discomfort or bond slippage during the first 2 weeks following your hair extensions application appointment, or if you have any questions
  • Avoid all hair products (including styling products) that contain sulphates, parabens, paragons, proteins, silicones and products that are high in alcohol


IMPORTANT: Do NOT wash your hair for at least 48 hours following your hair extensions application.

  • We recommend the use of Lushalox Hair Extensions Range to warrant and care for your new extensions
  • Detangle the hair with your fingers and brush thoroughly

Wet the hair first by tilting your head back in the shower, making sure to avoid tipping your head forward to wash as this can cause the hair to tangle.

  • Starting at the top of the head wash the hair with fingers in a downward motion, ensuring not to rub or scrub the hair
  • Apply conditioner starting at the mid lengths and ends, working up to the top. Avoid conditioning the bonds of the hair as this can cause slippage
  • Use a wide tooth comb to gently comb conditioner through, starting at the ends of the hair and working up to the mid lengths
  • Avoid tugging at the bonds by gently holding the hair extensions at the base while combing



  • Remove excess moisture by blotting the hair and wrapping in an absorbent towel or microfibre hair wrap. Do not rub or scrub the hair
  • Always dry the base of the hair after washing with a hair dryer, even if you are allowing the hair to dry naturally
  • Avoid the over-use of hot styling tools, including hair straighteners and curling wands to keep your extensions healthy
  • We recommend you keep the heat settings on hot styling tools at or below 190 degrees celsius
  • We recommend the use of Lushalox heat spray prior to blow drying or heat styling to help protect the extensions against heat damage
  • Do not tie the hair up while wet or damp
  • Do not sleep with wet or damp hair


  • Do tie the hair in a soft pony tail or loose braid before sleeping
  • Before exercising or swimming tie the hair back in a ponytail, plait the remaining hair and secure the ends with a hair tie
  • Swimming is known to reduce the quality and lifespan of hair extensions and natural hair
  • Reduce the absorption of chlorine and salt by wetting the hair thoroughly prior to swimming
  • Rinse the hair thoroughly immediately after swimming
  • Shampoo and condition the hair as soon as it becomes practical. Use Lushalox Repair treatment after shampoo to recondition the hair, restore moisture levels & rebalance pH levels of the hair


  • For lightening, colouring or chemical servicing, we recommend using Lushalox Organic Hair Extensions Colour Services
  • It’s known that lightening, colouring and chemical treatments will reduce the quality and shorten the lifespan of hair extensions
  • All chemical treatments, colouring and lightening are undertaken at your own risk. Your hair extensions warranty will be instantly forfeited
  • It is imperative to have hair extensions refitted and maintained on a regular basis, failure to do so may result in thinning and damage to natural hair and the extensions
  • Adhere to maintenance servicing as directed by your technician
  • Refit maintenance is 6- 8 weeks for tape extensions
  • Refit maintenance is 10- 12 weeks for weave extensions
  • It’s not recommended that hair extensions of any type or method are left in the hair without being professionally refitted for any period longer than 12 weeks due to the risk of damage, hair loss and hair thinning to the natural hair and the extensions

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