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Custom Made Wigs and Hair Pieces


Lushalox has you covered for all your hair and hair extensions requirements. Whether it is a change of colour and style or a total hair transformation, Lushalox has the expertise to deliver high quality hairdressing services combined with the very best, natural organic hair extensions. Lushalox use and recommend Natural Hair Extensions, which are processed without the use of heat and harsh chemicals.

Lushalox offers a custom made to order service to meet any requirement. Whether you are wishing to enhance fine hair, require hair thinning or hair loss solutions, or just in need of some extra length consider contacting us for your free consultation.

Our custom made services are available for hair pieces, wigs, toupees, hair toppers, hair additions, fringes, side-additions, pony tails, halos, clip-in extensions, custom hair extensions and much more. Our designs are not limited to any standard template nor are they manufactured off the shelf. We pay attention to the finer details and unique nuances of your own hair, by replicating the colour, colour gradient, density, density gradient and wave and straight formations to ensure that your own natural hair is perfectly matched. If you’re looking to achieve a totally different look to that of your own hair, let us design a hair solution that will best compliment your lifestyle and enhance your image. The possibilities are endless and our innovative design ideas are bound to impress. We work with you closely from start to finish to create the perfect hair in every imaginable design. Founder Sophie Evans is an international hair designer committed to addressing any hair concern you may have, dedicating her skills to finding the right solution for you. With more than two decades experience helping satisfied clients achieve natural looking results that are comfortable and easy to wear. We guarantee satisfactory results and the ultimate fit to ensure discretion, comfort and and peace of mind.

Lushalox will design and make your custom order with detailed precision, using the very best quality 100% human hair for a completely natural result. Custom made to order services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 12 month gold warranty on quality and craftsmanship.

The Initial Consultation

We recommend you bring favourite “hair shots” of yourself, as well as inspirational pictures of hair that catch your eye. It may be the colour or tone that inspires you in one shot, and the style of another. During the consultation, we will assess the hair and scalp, discuss all the available options based on your requirements including style preferences, lifestyle and goals to recommend the best approach.

The Design Booking

The design booking is an exciting time, as this is when you have made a decision to proceed with the custom order, and have made a commitment to invest in yourself. The design booking includes a free design service where we work on the design elements, fitting options, detailed gradients and personalisation. A template is made and we may ask for a small sample of your hair which is taken from an inconspicuous place for exacting purposes.

The Final Fitting

The final fitting appointment is the happiest appointment of all, the waiting is over and you get to experience your new piece. The final fitting includes the cutting, blending and styling of your new hair to ensure the correct fit and seamless natural looking results – for the perfect integration that will have everyone assuming you are wearing nothing but your own natural hair. You will be advised on how to wear and take care of your new hair. We provide a full set of instructions so you can be confident and invite you back in for a 2 week follow up session to make sure you are 100% happy and confident with your new hair.


Lushalox offer solutions for thin fine hair, receding hairlines, diffuse hair-loss, androgenic thinning and alopecia in women, men and those transitioning. We have solutions to address a variety of concerns with designs to cater for those wanting either fixed or detachable hair solutions. Our goal is to create a perfectly realistic and natural look. You will benefit the tailored service which is designed to give a fuller appearance and shape to the head resulting in a more feminine shape. Depending on the state of your current hair and the results you wish to achieve, we are able combine different methods and techniques to deliver personalised solutions that look totally natural, and are comfortable to wear.

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No matter the reason you walk through the doors, you can be assured you will receive a thorough consultation to determine the best approach for your individual hair goals and lifestyle requirements.

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Free Consultation
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