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Beaded In Weft Extensions

A proven method which is popular for many reasons beaded in weft extensions are a gentle method which are suitable for the finest of hair. Enjoy the benefits and comfort of wearing hair extensions that are secure, versatile and look completely natural without damaging your own hair. The application process and removal is relatively fast, as it’s a chemical free, dry application with no sticky residue or tapes to remove, as with all of our hair extensions. Beaded in weft extensions, can be coloured and lightened by one of technicians, and they can be re-used over and over.

By wearing beautiful luxurious organic hair extensions that are gentle and damage free many clients have enjoyed the experience of increased hair growth in slower growing hair, as the regular removal of sticky tapes or keratin residues is not required. The application and removal of beaded in weft extensions is far kinder and safer as the method utilises a dry technique, that doesn’t cause stress or pressure on the hair. Beaded in wefts will simply grow out with your own hair, and will remain firmly in place and seamless throughput the duration of wear until it’s ready to be refitted at 8 – 10 week intervals.

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